Apple Repairs

Macbooks – all models

Screen Replacements
  • Due to being a high-end screen assembly, featuring the lcd, aluminium housing and glass – Apple screen replacements for all retina and beyond MacBooks are expensive.  There’s no way around this reality, but at Lost Electronic we will endeavour to always offer the best prices possible.
  • Earlier macbook models, such as the unibody models  (2009-2012) feature much cheaper screen repair prices.
Solid-State Drive / RAM Upgrade
  • It is now possible to affordably upgrade the solid-state drives in all retina macbook models made from 2012-2015, with nVME drives up to 2tb.
  • SSD upgrades are also available and very affordable for earlier macbook models.
  • All storage upgrades include data migration and installation of the latest compatible version of macOS.
Battery Replacements
  • Battery replacements through Apple are inordinately expensive due to their policy of replacing the entire bottom half of the laptop as a single assembled part (chassis, trackpad, keyboard, battery). This is largely due to the battery being glued into the chassis with an extremely powerful adhesive.
  • At Lost Electronic, we have developed a technique for safely separating the batteries from the chassis, allowing us to offer much cheaper battery replacements. The procedure is still time consuming and somewhat dangerous, so is more expensive than a standard laptop battery replacement.
Liquid Damage Repair
  • Apple computers were not designed to handle the entry of liquid well. The most common issues after liquid damage tend to affect the keyboard, battery, trackpad and the main logic board of the mac.
  • At Lost Electronic, we can clean and replace keyboards, trackpads and batteries.
  • Additionally, we offer logic board circuit-level repair. Our logic board repair service involves cleaning in our high-end crest ultrasonic cleaner and then replacing any components under microscope as required to bring the board to working condition. Not all boards are fixable, but like our other work – we only charge if we can fix it.


Logic Board Repair
  • Not all logic board failures are caused by liquid damage. Some macbook models have known issues, such as failing graphics chips and failing capacitors. Other times, just like with any electronics – you can get unlucky. In many cases we can also fix these problems, helping you avoid shelling out hundreds for a new logic board or thousands for a new computer.

Desktop Macs – all models

iMac Screen Replacements
  • Cracking an iMac screen is one of the most painful moments a mac user can experience. All pre-retina models (prior to 2012) can have screen replacements performed cheaply, but since 2012, the retina models have had their screens fitted as one fused part (Glass and LCD) so the entire screen assembly must be replaced, which is expensive. Regardless, at Lost Electronic we can perform either repair – as you require.
Solid-State Drive / RAM Upgrade
  • Almost all mac desktop computers can benefit from RAM and SSD upgrades. Many iMacs, even sold recently come with archaic, slow hard drives or fusion drives (hard drive and SSD together). Replacing these with a solid state storage drive will make a profound difference to the everyday performance of your mac. Mac Minis and Mac Pros can also benefit from SSD upgrades.
  • Additionally, almost all mac desktop computers can benefit from RAM upgrades. At Lost Electronic we can offer all upgrades as required.
Other Component Replacements
  • Sometimes it isn’t as simple as storage upgrades. We can diagnose and repair almost any aspect of your mac, like a failing Wi-Fi card or a faulty internal cable.
Logic Board Repair
  • Desktop macs are less likely to be liquid damaged than their mobile counterparts, however they can still develop logic board faults. At Lost Electronic we can perform component-level repairs under microscope, replacing faulty chips on the boards and in many cases – saving you from having to purchase a brand new mac.