DJ Equipment

Pioneer, Allen & Heath and more…

CDJ Repairs
At Lost Electronic, we can attend to any aspect of a CDJ, our servicing includes but is not limited to…
  • Cue, Play and other button repair
  • Jog Wheel Servicing
  • Screen replacements
  • Fader repair/replacement
  • RCA Output repair
  • Liquid Damage repair
  • General Cleaning
  • We have repaired and serviced 100s of mixers made by Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Numark and others.
  • We’re also able to service rotary and vintage mixers as required.
  • Repairs include fader cleaning/replacement, button replacement and liquid damage repair.
Vinyl Deck Repairs
  • We can service and repair common issues with record decks, such as faulty output cables, bad grounding and belt replacement.
  • We can also repair more complex issues, like circuit board faults, automatic systems and faulty all in one record players.
  • We offer comprehensive servicing of all Technics DJ Decks.